How can I get a hardship license to go to school?


I need a hardship license to get to school and to an after school sport. I leave school before everyone else for training which means that I dont have a ride. Help!!!

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  I don’t know what Texas laws are regarding getting a hardship driving license. Check with an office of your Department of Motor Vehicles. You might even be able to research it online.

Well, it looks like you have to be at least 15.

Under Age 18

  1. What are the requirements for a Minors Restricted Driver License (MRDL/Hardship)?

The minimum age is 15, but less than 18. Applicants 18 and over are not eligible for a MRDL/Hardship. 37 Texas Transportation Code 15.28, Texas Transportation Code 521.223.

Present proof of Identity and Social Security Number. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.24, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.42, Texas Transportation Code 521.044.

Complete and submit the DL-77 MRDL application for screening of eligibility to your local Texas Driver License office.

Obtain Parental Authorization Signature (parent must be present to sign.) 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.27.

Complete required forms available at your Texas Driver License office.

Proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance, if you own a vehicle. Texas Transportation Code 521.143.

Pay the required fee. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.40, Texas Transportation Code 521.421.

Pass the written, driving* and vision examinations. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.51, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.52, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.56, Texas Transportation Code 521.161.

Application must include photograph and thumbprints; however, thumbprints are not included on the driver license. 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.44, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.45, Texas Transportation Code 521.142.

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