why are my hands always so cold??

ice cold & its only my hands

Answer #1

I really don’t know but I’m the same way! Every time I shake someones hand at church there like your hands are cold and I’m like yeah I know I know lol I’m tired of hearing that XP

Answer #2

I have been told its due to bad circulation

Answer #3

poor circulation?

Answer #4

Is it wet or just cold? We here would say that wet hands is an indication of a low heart beats (pump)

Answer #5

It’s normally a sign of poor blood circulation to the tissues in the area. “Poor” can reasonably mean, in this case, “less than optimal, but probably not dangerous”… if it’s a chronic thing, you may consider having it looked at, though it’s likely just going to be “one of those things”… it exists, but it’s not “bad” and there’s not much to do about it. Also, there is just not a lot of fat in your hands… which could cause cold hands. Or you could just have a low enough amount of overall insulation (body fat), and feel it more in your hands.

Answer #6

It’s probably due to poor circulation; you probably don’t get “enough” blood to your hands. Your veins could just be small, which is possible, or perhaps you have bony hands (as in not very fatty) which won’t insulate them and keep them warm. It’s not really a problem, just make sure to keep your hands in mittens or gloves if you go outside when it’s cold, as you will get frostbite more quickly if your hands are already chilly.

Answer #7

Possibly Raynaud’s Syndrome?? Time to see a doc perhaps…

Answer #8

wear gloves all the time to keep them warm :)

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