Why are my hands and feet always cold?

my hands and feet are always cold, even when its really hot outside in like 100 degree weather, my hands and feet are always freezing. does anyone know why or how to make them stay warm?

xoxo dani

Answer #1

you could have poor circulation in those areas. you can go to the doctor.. maybe he will tell you to take some Vitamin E, it helps with your circulatory system. My sister always has cold feet and hands. You can wear socks, you can wear gloves, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to in the summer time though =)

Answer #2

You may have a condition called RAYNAUDS DISEASE, where you capillaries vasoconstrict creating decrease blood flow to that are. go to you doctor to check t osee if this is the casee. good Luck

Answer #3

yikes! That sounds pretty bad. I think you should get some blood work done, you could be anemic. Wear thicker socks if your feet are cold;)

Answer #4

thanks =]

Answer #5

I’m having the same problem. My alternative med doctor (he believes more in Ancient Chinese medicine) has me taking a shot glass of warm water and adding 6 to 10 drops of Cayenne Pepper liquid drops to it (do this 3 times per day). Google Cayenne Pepper plus health benefits to read more on it. I just started doing it so I can’t testify to whether it works or not. This will help with your circulation.

I have to say that I hate hot stuff so this was challenging for me but it’s not that bad and if it will help my cold hands and feet go away, I’ll take the heat. There are actually other health benefits to Cayenne Pepper so it’s worth doing!

Good luck!

Answer #6

my feet are always cold and my toenails have become gray…plus they go numb a lot…but I don’t know whats wrong I’m only 17 it would be nice to know

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