why are my hands & feet always cold lol?

so most of the time when my body is like normal temperature my hands and feet are cold buht then sometimes like now there warm? & there not only cold when I’ve just come inside of anything there cold when im inside and warm. just want some suggestions lol [:

Answer #1

It could also be a sign of anemia, which is a condition in which the blood does not get enough iron. Try keeping socks on and wearing gloves. Eat foods with high iron content.

Answer #2

Sometimes your circulation slows down, when your’e idle. If the blood is bringing heat to your extremities more slowly, you would feel it as a cold sensation. If you open and close your hands rapidly for a while, or wiggle your toes, you can increase your circulation and feel warmer. Also, when youre tired or hungry, your body will save energy by focusing more heat on your core, while diverting it from your extremities. It’s an involuntary thing.

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