What can I do to keep my hair from get poofy when I sleep?

At night I take showers and then I usually go to bed right after, but I sometimes I try to wait for my hair to dry. But when I wake up, at the top of my head my hair gets frizzy and poofy. What can I do to stop that from happening?

Answer #1

Straighten your hair :) or put some serum in it or something. Also try to wash your hair before bed because wet hair and beds make your hair get damaged x

Answer #2

That happens to me all the time! Especially how my hair is naturally curly! Normally I would straighten my hair before I sleep. Then in the morning I just wake up, style my hair, eat, and then go to school.

Styling my hair is easier because it’s already mostly straight and if my hair does get poofy, then theres littler work to do.

Answer #3

straighting it before and after may keep it straight, maybe? or stop tossing and turning, DUMMY

Answer #4

brade it before yu go to sleep in one big brade

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