What is a good hair dye to dye your hair blue, purple, and pink with?

my hair is brownish red and im bleaching, then adding blue, purple and pink. it but i dont know what type of hair dye to use for the colors. i want them to be bright.

Answer #1

I’ve never had my hair dyed but I would suggest neon green

Answer #2

Red. like a really bright red.

Answer #3

I’d say punky colour but be careful it dyes your skin really bad if you aren’t careful…. I was purple for a week last year because of it other than that I’d say go to a pharmacy or another store that sells hair dyes and ask about it Kool-aid works too (everyone dyed their hair with it in the 90’s) but like punky colour it can dye your skin big time as well

Answer #4

Manic panic is nice.

Answer #5

remember if u want blue hair u need almost white hair leaving ur hair tottally dead. cuz if there is any yellowish or orange undertone it will turn green ><

Answer #6

Maniac Panic.

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