How could I dye the underside of my hair blue without bleaching it?

I have darkish brown hair. my friend did it only with purple and it looked good…her hair is a little lighter than mine. I don’t want to bleach it or use permanent hair dye because it would damage my already damaged hair. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Answer #1

you could dye your brown hair blue if its not too dar the blue will show up, but it will be a dark blue if you want a vibrant bright blue you will need to bleach or lighten the hair first

Answer #2

Hey I did that once but I bleached my hair first, it came out nice…you could get extentions/weave or use a spray on… also there is a hair dye for non natural hair colors that contains a small amount of bleach, they sell it at sallys beautiy supplies

Answer #3

Well my friend did that, and she has darkish brown hair and she didn’t bleach it enough and it came out green. So I don’t know how’d it work on your hair without any bleach at all. But somthing you could try is when the dye is in your hair, you can either put a plastic bag on it(or not) and us a blow dryer on it, because this will open up your strands(somthing like that, I forgot what its called lol) and let more of the color seep into your hair. but I know it works because I did it when I dyed the underpart of my hair pink. I don’t know if it’ll work well if you don’t bleach it, but you should try it.

Answer #4

you could buy a prelightner :)

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