What are some semi-permanent hair dyes that show up good on dark hair?

So i woke up today and was like i wanna dye my hair so i was wondering what are some good brands for it, i dont really want it to last more then like 3-5 weeks and i want it to be bright like neon blue or green or purple and still show up well ive heard manic panic was good anyone know of any other ones? p.s. i have dark brown hair that turns red in sunlight and my skins to dark to be a blonde so dont suggest it

Answer #1

Those won’t work well on your hair since your hair is dark. You’d have to bleach it for those colors to actually show up. If you attempt those colors, you might find your hair has a tint of whatever color you used, but it won’t be bright.

Answer #2

i cant dye my hair blonde my skin is to dark for it and it would just look bad

Answer #3

Schwarzkopf live color xxl is a european brand of hair dye, but they work excellent and it doesn’t fade as easily as manic panic. You can find it on amazon.com here is a link http://funadvice.com/r/bl5q8hg33mc also on facebook.

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