Do guys prefer their ladies all fake with fake boobs, fake butt cheeks, fake nose, fake lips....etc... or all 110% natural?

Answer #1

fake cheeks fake nose ok coz they dont make much diffrence just in apperance but sure i want real boobs ,lips ,butt cuz they differ in how they feel

Answer #2

eww. nope. i belive they like everything Real (: well most the guys i know do. gotta keep it real (:

Answer #3

i tink girls shud stay a natural beauty and not all plastic like a barbie doll girls shudnt be ashamed of their natural beauty

Answer #4

In all honestly most guys would pass up the chance to sleep with a barbie doll looking fake prn star girl, i would even enjoy it for a night. When it comes down to relationship material though, a real looking girl that you can bring home to mama and marry is more enticing. A little bob job or nose job though will not scare a guy away its when girls get out of hand with it.

Answer #5

Natural beauty. My boyfriend found a few people significantly less attractive after hearing all the plascit surgery they had.

Answer #6

guys would perfer 110% if they have good butt’s or boobs.

Answer #7

If he’s with me, he better want natural…haha. The fake stuff is only attractive in some situations, but for the most part, it’s all about working what you’ve got, not what was put into you.

Answer #8

mane 110%. i dont care if her breast are saggy or her ass is saggy! i like everything real! no make up nothing! thats just me cuz i am real also!

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