What do you guys think about big boobs??

I have big boobs and a big but and flat stomack do guys find that attractive??

Answer #1

Some guys do depending on what their taste are/is. Me personally,I find that a bit unattractive in a certain way,that’s my opinion.

Answer #2

hahahahahaha WOW arent you like 30 – im 13 and this is what WE talk about boobs hahaha WOWW

Answer #3

Indeed, Gris. Lol, I don’t see the point, but, ok…

I don’t like big boobs, nor big butt… Cute > hot

And, as said abov’, no butt or boob can make up for lack of inteligence, sweetness, etc…

Some guys do ONLY see butt and boobs, yes…

I don’t get why you worry about that, guys who only care about this stuff, aren’t worth of your time

Answer #4

what??? why does she have to be old to have a nice body??

Answer #5

Well theres guys who like legs,butts an so forth but I like breasts but not one that are DD cup cause I dont wanna be smothered to death by them in My sleep but I do like them big medium or small so that is one way to answer this I guess.

Answer #6

Uh…yuh! :) LOL!!

But, like anything else — not everyone is attracted to what others are…

Of the guys I know — all but one likese these things — and the one that doesn’t, prefers the woman to be small boobs and butt…

Like I said — everyone likes their own things…

Also — if a woman has these things, and has a nasty attitude, all the boobs, and butt in the world wont make her attractive to any guy…

Answer #7

Guess it doesn’t stop just because you get “old” then! :)

Answer #8

Don’t live to impress guys! =]

Answer #9

o ya we love it

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