Big butt or big boobs?

what do you guys prefer ina girl;; a big butt or big boobs?

Answer #1

bubblesxox, It really depends on the guy. Its all about prefference. Some guys like boobs, some like butts. I have both so I’m not sure which my man likes more. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #2

This is coming from a female, I think that most guys prefer big butts over boobs because they can’t help but look back at females when they are walking by. They think it’s sexy, especially if you know how to shake it.

Answer #3


Answer #4

I say butt.

Answer #5

I’m a girl but my boyfriend likes med in each.. just like me =]

Answer #6

I say boobs =]

Answer #7

I have big boobs, & a nice butt (which isnt so big & I would LOVE to have some more junk to go with my boobs) but like steph said, every man is different, so you really cant choose!! Gem x x x

Answer #8

It looks odd if you have more in one area that in the other. It is better if you butt and chest are equally large or small, otherwise it will make you look heavy in that area.

Answer #9

it’s like choosing between your two favourite cakes?!? but it has to be the butt. big boobs are lovely - but sometimes they can be fake. a big butt is for real!!

Answer #10

I would say both

Answer #11

my guy prefers a big butt(like mine) because when we grind it is better for him

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