What do you guys think about the North Korea attack to South Korea?

Do you think its possible for a World War to start by that?

Answer #1

a world war, i dont think so a war yes

Answer #2

What if we [U.S.] get involved?

Answer #3

we always get involved. haha. i really do not think it would turn into a world war. who is going to come to North Korea’s aid. now nuclear war is extremely scary to think of but a possibility with north Korea

Answer #4

i think if it happens them the humanality hurt much as well as the polusion widely increase because of war and both country will be back in 19th century. so as i think if they dont attack on each other then they are happy as much as then. No world war will not be started because most of the country want to avoid it and also united nation will do something to stop it .

Answer #5

Yea but either way South Korea is an ally of the U.S. so if SK goes at war with NK, then the U.S. will pretty much have to. Also China would back up NK for sure… and doesnt the U.N. have enough in its hands? (Iraq and Afghanistan)

Answer #6

I know China will back up NK…

Answer #7

i m agree with you but united nation can stop US and china for interfacing as well other country will also try to stop war . the 3rd world war have a very less priority

Answer #8

It looks like a beginning. There was a prediction some years ago by a physic from Romania who predicted WWIII would start in 2010, November. Around the 21st. Interesting isn’t it that North Korea fired on South Korea. The psychic said it would start out like any ordinary war but would escalate into a nuclear war. North Korea would side with Iran on Israel and then drop the bomb off the coast of Italy and France.

This is also the prediction in Quran.

Answer #9

The First World War showed it’s possible for a regional conflict to escalate into a global war if conditions are right. Here I’m not sure they are since none of the powers around the Koreas really want a war. And that’s assuming North Korea’s goal here is to start a war. The only currency the North Korean regime has to trade on is making military/nuclear threats, so it may simply be them trying to get something they want or reacting to something they don’t like. This is more likely, and fits the pattern of North Korea’s behaviour.

Answer #10

If this happens, we’r all screwed. my prediction, the USA stupidly gets involved like so many times before, and theres the littles of chances we would win agains North Korea in myopinion theyre so wacked out. and if china gets involved, we have no hope.

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