Why do guys think girls can't be president?

Boys ALWAYS seem to say girls wouldnt make a good president, why is that? I’d like for someone to plz answer honestly.

Answer #1

maybe because there hasnt been a female president before, and some are quite sexist, but other guys are open to the idea, there are only a minority sexist enough to still believe men are more successful

Answer #2

men think their better their sexist and think if a women was in charge that she would make the white house pink and be embarrassed to say that their from the us with the pink house

Answer #3

Guys do not think that way., It has been proven that female leaders are great leaders, such as Margareth T from England. If it is in Moslem countries, it is written on the Holy Qur’an that As long as there are still capable MALE men to be a your leader, then pick male first.

Answer #4

Idk I’ve heard of MANY ppl think this

Answer #5

They think that way based on many reasons. Let me pick few of them, male is better leader because, different from female, male use their rational more than their emotional. At the age of 40s, female usually has children who need her to be nest to them. By being a president, she will have to spend most of her time away from the kids, and this condition is not good for the children.

Answer #6

They don’t think that way, that’s just how it mostly is, all guys have been president in the US, but there was a woman running to be president, that proves that they can be president it’s just that she did not win. So I don’t think guy’s think that woman can’t be president, they just see that men are more common to be presidents than woman.

Answer #7

1st off, that’s a pretty big generalization. 2nd off, i think that the men who don’t think a woman would make a good president feel that way because of; a) any combination of the many answers given by others, or b) that women traditionally act more on emotion than logic, which can lead to poor decisions, and therefore a poor president. personally, i agree with reason “b” as a general statement. when pressed, the average woman makes emotion based decisions, rather than ones based heavily on logic. there are certainly exceptions to this rule, and i’m sure there are plenty of women out there who would make a fine president. you asked a generalized question, however, so you get a generalized answer. hope this helps you sleep better tonight.

Answer #8

And yet many predominantly muslim countries have had successful female leaders. Guess most have left the 13th century.

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