What do you guys feel about the Pentagon demanding the files that Wikileaks has?

Wikileaks is in posession of over 15,000 files related to the war in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has demanded them to hand the material over, the reason that these articles haven’t been disclosed is to protect the names of the people in it. They’ve already disclosed previous information but the Pentagon has already moved in and flagged all the material, what do you guys feel about this?

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I wouldnt put it passed the US Gov to try to cover up anything they dont want us to really know about!

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That’s what I’m thinking, what do they have to hide? I really can’t put my trust on the GOV if they decide to hide things from us, I’d call it censorship, slightly…

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Something similar happened during the Vietnam War, with the Pentagon Papers. And, like the Pentagon Papers, much of what’s in the WikiLeaks is already publicly known by most people paying real attention to Afghanistan.

It’s no surprise, for example, that Pakistani intelligence services have ongoing ties with the Taliban. These ties go back to the mujahadeen and the Soviet invasion. US officials already know this and have even made insinuations, or sometimes outright public accusations, that’s it’s still going on today, meaning it’s no secret. And Pakistan has lots of reasons to continue a relationship with the Taliban on a covert level. They know the Taliban isn’t going away, and they also know the US eventually will. When the US leaves, the Taliban will still be a force to be reckoned with in Afghanistan for quite some time. So why not work with them on some level to gain influence and leverage in neighboring Afghanistan?

What is surprising is the air defense systems the WikiLeaks claim the Taliban are using. This kind of military technology is something the Taliban could only get from an outside source, and it kind of makes you wonder who that might be. It could be Pakistan, Iran, or someone else…there’s really no way to know right now.

As for the Pentagon’s requests, they have some serious investigation to do. It’s hard to imagine so many documents were stored in a single place, or that they could so easily be stolen and given away by a single person. So, how exactly they were leaked is a serious problem for the Pentagon.

Answer #5

Primetime news is nothing more than propaganda and hollywood entertainment anymore. It is so censured anymore there is little if any truth to it. I think it is really great that there are individuals out there in a position to tell the truth.

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