first anti-semitic law passed???

what was the first anti semitic law passed??? and was it the law were jews were expelled from sport clubs?? thanks, im doing a paper on anti semitism and I cant find the answer.

Answer #1

It is good to cover the laws but it is also good to cover the “unwritten” laws. Those are the ones where social clubs quietly don’t allow jews (still happening) or where there were signs in the 50s and 60s in front of motels and hotels that said “no jews, no dogs”. The knowledge that each jew had or currently has that they know where they are welcome, where gentile society is fine, but no jews allowed, no matter what. I live in Memphis, the home of Plough Industry. Abe Plough, a jew and the founder, a multi-millionaire was not allowed to join the local gentile country club in the 50s and that country club still does not allow jews as members. It is not written in the by-laws, but all us jews know that we can’t join. Anti-semitism takes all shapes and forms today. In Nazi Germany it was obvious and easy to spot and denounce. Today, it is subtle, they don’t load us into cattle cars anymore. But ask any jewish child who has been jumped and beaten just because of their religion. It is still there. Think about what we did to the Japanese Americans in WWII. We took everything, their homes, possessions and put them in camps, right here in this country. Every country is on a slippery slope that can lead to blaming others for it’s problems, especially in times of financial trouble. Every country loves to have a scapegoat..and things can easily get out of hand.

Answer #2

It depends on which country you mean.

In Europe, even in the Middle Ages there were laws restricting what Jews could and couldn’t do, not least what professions they could engage in. That’s one reason why there have been so many Jewish families who are big names in banking - banking was one profession open to them in Venice, at a time when Venice was the commercial centre of Europe.

It could be a good idea to google for, say, ‘anti-semitic’ ‘legislation’ plus the name of the country.

Answer #3

The first I’m aware of were written in the first century, by Rome.

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