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How can I say yes when a guy I really really like asks me out and somehow my 3 older brothers WILL find out and all hell will break loose!?

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I'll describe my brothers so you know what I'm dealing with. My oldest brother (10yrs older) doesn't mind much about me liking a guy but still I would NEVER tell him if I did because he would tease me a little (least of my problems). My 2nd oldest brother (8yrs older) MARINE! (yeah that's not at all intimidating to guys) wants me to wear a burka all the time also got concerned when I got a hair straightener, told my mom I shouldn't be fixing my hair. And my 3rd brother (4yrs older) still lives at home, jumps at the sound of my phone getting a message, at a boys name, at me wearing white pants, calls me a tramp and such as a "joke" which Ive never found funny! That's my brothers for you. And I'll add I don't dare wear make up or think about telling them of any sort of guy I like but being dishonest would not work! I'm also 14 years old.