My older brother and Sister

When I go to my dad’s house we never do much. I’m always really bored. But sometimes my brother who is 22 or my sister who is 21 invite me to do stuff with them. They are always seeing movies and things. How do I get them to ask me to come more often?

Answer #1

Just don’t go 2 your dad house

Answer #2

My god just say… Hey its fun hangin out with you two and I wish we could do it more often, because I think you two are coool!!! :D awww lol

Answer #3

Just tell them that you like hanging out with them and would like to do it again. Tell them how you feel when you visit your dad. I’m in the same situation. When I visit my dad I get bored but I find ways to talk to him like telling him if he wants to rent some movies or go get icecream. Maybe go to the theaters or go out to eat. Invite your brothers and sister if you feel like you need assistance

Answer #4

You could ask your brother and sister over too hang out at your house some times.

Answer #5

just say heey I like hangin out wit you guys

Answer #6

I agree with baldwinwolf. but dont make them invite you too much because your dad might think you dont like spending time with him and get upset about it spend some time with him. maybe just take something to his house to make sure you dont get bored.

Answer #7

I agree with JMZ. it is important to build a good relationship with your dad. My Dad is one of my best friends, and there is just nothing that is the same as that. When you’re at your dad’s go see what he is doing, and ask him questions about it. Like if your dad is the type to fix cars, ask him a question about it. Like “what is your favorite car, and why?” and then you can tell him what your favorite one is and why… you might have something in common. Dad’s are full of knowledge and interesting stories… you just have to trigger a memory.

Also, you can ask your dad to invite your brother and sister over for dinner. I still eat with my parents every once in a while, especially when I know my sisters will be home. There is something special about getting everyone together and getting to know what everyone is doing in their life.

Answer #8

just tell THEM how much you enjoy spending time with them, and I am sure that they will take the hint- and invite you along more often.

communication is great in matters like this one.

Answer #9

I agree with is not hard.It is like asking a bff to sleepover at your house.not hard people.hang out with your dad too.He will see that you two have something in common and like talking to eachother.Good Luck!!!

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