Could hate crime laws cross a line ?

is there a danger that so-called “hate crimes” laws end up, in reality, being “thought control” laws ?

Answer #1

Everybody can control their thoughts. This doesn’t make any sense.

Answer #2

Not at all. Thought control would be just that–controlling your thoughts, which no one can do. You’re can hate black people, white people, women, Jews, whoever you want, as much as you want. It’s only a hate crime when you act on it.

I personally feel that if a white person murders a black person, it should be looked on as murder, and nothing more. The sentence should not be heavier because it may or may not have been a “hate crime.”

However, thought control and hate crimes have little to do with each other.

Answer #3

hate crime laws suck. In europe u can’t say nothing against homosexuals cause if u do u could go to jail or get big fine(not that i’m against gays but i think u should be able to speak ur mind). In switzerland if u speak against a moslem u in for troubale but a moslem can speak agaisnt a christian all day long woithout getting in troubale at all. And there is a bunch of other stuff …

Answer #4

Everybody can control their thoughts. This doesn’t make any sense.

Answer #5

The theory behind hate crimes is that certain crimes are more than crimes against individuals, they are crimes against a whole group. The whole concept is still controverisal and I’ve heard strong arguments both ways.

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