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What will I have to do to get guardian/parenting rights of Elmo?

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Do not judge me or try to tell me how hard this is going to be for someone my age or what i'm going to miss out on, i'm perfectly aware of the situation and the desion has already been made.

My bestfriend is pregant. She's going to turn 18 and be out of highschool by the end of january as a graduate. The father of the baby is my age (15) and says he will "claim the baby as long as she dosen't tell". Well we decided that sence me and her are so close and I have the most experience with kids (have been takeing care of my brothers for years and taken parenting classes) That she is going to have me signed over as a legal guardin. Well she is trying to make sure I can have the same rights as the real parent. I know sence i'm 15 I can't legally adopt the child for another 2 years (i'll be 16 when it's born) is there anyways we can have it set up that if somthing happened to her I would be able to have it sent to me and handled under my care even before i'm 18? And what forms will I have to go through to become a legal guardin? And will her parents/sister be able to take it from me if somthing did happen even though she dosn't want them to?