Do you consider the grape varieties used while sipping your wine?

Answer #1

no… i dont sip, i just neck it back.

Answer #2

Why are all your questions about wine?

Answer #3

No, I consider how many bottles i’ll need to get hammered.

Answer #4

yes because my family owns a winery in france so i know everything about wine. i appreciate the wine because i know all the steps on how its made. but sometimes when im really not caring i just down it

Answer #5

why wouldn’t you ask about wine??

Answer #6



Answer #7

Brianna…every question she asks is about wine…only two types of people do that…obsessed people, and solicitors, so now I’m trying to figure out which one she is…if you don’t mind….

Answer #8

Sometimes, I enjoy Burgundy and Bordeaux. I understand that Burgundy uses Pinot Noir while Bordeaux are a mix of several varieties with Cabernet Sauvignon being one. When I look at non-French wines I assume that a Pinot Noir will be similar to Burgundy and a Cabernet Sauvignon will be more like a Bordeaux.

I brew my own beer so I’m much more familiar with beer than wine though.

Answer #9

Who says it has to be made from grapes?

Answer #10

Pinot Noir is Burgundy. The French calls it burgundy because this type of wine is prduced in that region. Just like Chanpagne. Bordeaux is another region that primarily blends different varietals (Cab, Merlot, cab frank, petit verdod, etc.).

Answer #11

Of course i do. Along with that, I’d also consider the region it was produced, the vintage, the percentage of each varietal, the time when the fuit was pick, the brik level at the time of picking, the amount of barrel time, the type of barrel used, coal soak time, etc. I collect wines, so I need to know how it will develop.


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