Is cooking wine the same as regular wine?

is cooking wine the smae a s regular wine? like if you drink it will it get you drunk of buzzed?

Answer #1

you can use any wine for cooking. and if the food is cooked, you will not get buzzed because all the alchol will all have evaporated.

Answer #2

hmmm, I did not know that…thats cool and interesting

Answer #3

I just use cheap and nasty wine for cooking - the flavour doesn’t matter so much when you cook with it. But it’s just as alcoholic.

Answer #4

like jaceb says it should cook out. if you have a bottle of wine sometime and dont drink it all you can freeze it in ice cube trays then use them for cooking at a later date and the best thing is that you have small portions. :”mental note I think I read too many handy tips in magazines”

Answer #5

No because the acohol content is lower for the reason that it is cooking wine.. :] but there is a possiblity you could get a little tipsy if you eat the whole pot of food. :]

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