Why do my grandparents always freak out when i lock the door?

i keep my door to my room locked whenever im in there, even at night. mostly becuz i just like being by myself and hate people coming into my room

Answer #1

They might think you have have someone else in there, drug, p0rn, etc. They just try to watch out for you in the only way they know how.

Answer #2

my parents do too because they think were hiding something from them and their scared its something bad like boys and stuff

Answer #3

i can imagine myself dragging this boy to my room in a like potato bag “ Morgn ! whats that?” “ just laundry!” lol

Answer #4

Yes, and I am sorry to say I think parents are more protective of girls than boys, I am so glad I have all boys.

Answer #5

Locked doors are indicative of hiding something. Or at the very least tying to separate yourself from someone or something. In any event, your grandparents care about you or they probably wouldn’t say a word or even notice. They may have been through a bad experience concerning a locked door in the past that you’re not even aware of. Bottom line? Take it easy on them. Count yourself fortunate that you have people that love you. At least you’re not being locked in from the outside. I don’t mean to sound condescending and I know it sounds cliche’ but, someday you “will” understand.

Answer #6

thats the thing. i dont WANT to understand. the way im heading once im old enough im moving out. out of state. never to see any of these people again. and i know it sounds bad but im very much okay with that.

Answer #7

Hahahaha just laundry…. LOLOL

Answer #8

You’re fourteen. Reality will hit you when you’re closer to 18. And then it’ll hit again at 20 even harder.

Answer #9

im 13. nd it alrdy has, trust me

Answer #10

If you don’t want to understand why did you pose the question in the first place? You obviously know everything you need to know. Answering was an act of pure optimism. Burning bridges is a dangerous business. “The road to salvation is long, and as difficult to cross as the edge of a razor”. Good luck to you…you’re going to need it.

Answer #11

i never sed i didnt want your opinion, i was merely trying to give you a better understanding of the picture.

Answer #12

yeah girly, EXACT same thing happened to me when i was, what? 15.. couldnt wait til i turned 18. no argument necessary but i am just saying.. i hated it too when people told me what to do.. but now i try and see it as constructive criticism, no matter how harsh it is. no matter how much i didnt want to hear it, eventhough i knew it was coming. Just trying to give you another way to look at things so you dont regret all the things you shut out when you were young, when you have your freedoms because alot of it goes away when your trying to push the people that try to help. Trust me.. i learned the hard way.. its not fun

hoping i helped you in some way i know its hard from girl to girl

Answer #13

I haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be your age. You (like I did, and like most), take everything that doesn’t go your way as a personal attack. But you’ve got to start putting yourself in other peoples shoes. You say you never want to see these people again. Someday…one way or the other, you’ll get your wish. One day you’ll turn around and they’ll be gone. I lost my parents and both of my siblings before I was 18. I carry guilt for things I said and did or didn’t till this very day. Be careful what you wish for M. Especially the things you don’t wish for out loud. I don’t need to see the picture…I’ve lived it. “The bitterest tears shed over graves, are for words left unsaid, and deeds left undone”. Harriet Beecher Stowe Good luck sweetheart

Answer #14

why do i feel like yu guys look at me like a little kid who doesnt know or understand anything? lol

Answer #15

i agree, i lost my sister as well. we got into an argument over something completely ridiculous and i got all huffy and didnt talk to her for a day or two.. and she got into a car wreck and passed.. unforgiven.. i do not know what that is like but i am sorry to hear you had to go through something so horrible

in the end things can be worse, ive learned just now.. no offense .. but good things can come out of everything. you just got to see them instead of rumaging around on the bad.. because that leads to more suffering.. and why do that to yourself? No one is invincible, so look at the big pic and see what is happening and what could happen. and maybe that will give some relief..

i didnt mean any offense unforgiven about the girl to girl thing, but sometimes it is hard to listen to someone they cant relate too

Answer #16

i dont mean it to sound like that but maybe its because i have already been through exact thing you are going through.. im just trying to pass on the words of wisdom that helped me through.. and hoping itll help you. i didnt mean it to sound like your a child becasue frankly, i dont like children lol and i can relate to you in some way

Answer #17

i would tyr and take advice from someone who is older and has gone through it and can help direct you towards the safer way.. i know i would like to know the best way( even if its the way you dont want to take sometimes you have no other choice for resolution) if i was asking for advice. and i think your the only person looking at yourself as a child, were trying to help you and just because we are older you are saying we are treating yo ulike a child.. just because you are younger doesnt mean you cant take advice from people that are older than you

Answer #18

I’m sorry, but I have to agree with unforgiven. You think everyone is saying you don’t know anything, but you are doing just that with them, people who have been in your position. They are trying to enlighten you on the effects when you are older, but you are shutting them down acting as if you KNOW how you will feel in 5, 10, or even 15 years down the road. You can’t possibly KNOW how you will feel then. When I was a teen, I thought my mom didn’t want me to do anything fun, didn’t want me to have friends over, didn’t want me to experience anything. I was very, very WRONG. Now that I am older, I understand exactly where she was coming from. I rebelled against my parents. To the point most parents would have sent me away never to speak to me again. But no, my parents tried their best to understand what was going on, and still tried to put rules in place. My parents have been my blessing. I moved out at 18, started living with my bf at the time. Things with him and I didn’t work out, we had a baby together. I thought I had no where to go. Against what my brain was telling me, I called my mom and dad. They told me to come back home. They didn’t lecture, didn’t get angry. Just simply said “come home”. They were my blessing. Even after all the crap I put them through. So, no one is looking at you like you are a kid who doesn’t know anything. What they are trying to say is that, you are young and very naive to the world as an adult. While right now you may think that everything your family does is to attack you or keep you from doing what you want, they are just trying to protect you. I’ve been there. I know. One day, you really will understand. Try not to become mortal enemies with your family. You may need them one day and if you leave on bad terms, they may not be there when you call…Good Luck to you.

Answer #19

Alright, look, I understand it seems ridiculous to you, it’s like what could I possibly be doing. Except, that I’ve dealt with kids who are doing stuff. They have dr.ug paraphernalia hidden in their room, they do dru.gs, they sneak boys into their room, and then there’s the self harm, the eating disorder issues, and that’s not even a complete list. And of course, it’s like ‘they should trust me, they should know better’. Well, they’re scared. And their imaginations tend to run away with them. If your complaint is that you don’t want people in your room, and their complaint is that you lock the room, there’s a really obvious solution. They need to knock and not enter until you say so. That way, no one will come into your room without your permission. And you won’t need to keep it locked. As simple as that…

Answer #20

Now, if they break their end of the deal, you can say, ‘we tried it your way and it didn’t work’. But at least try to compromise. You do have to live with them for the next few years.

Answer #21

my parents dont WANT ME home tho. thats why im here. they keft me here. lmfao

Answer #22

im not trying to argue. im just saying,nd i find there is one thing in common with all of your stories, you all felt bad, or missed your family, or they died (im sorry to hear that) but i dont have that. i wuldnt feel bad. eventually i might miss them. but i wuldnt want to see them, not becuz id feel bad about leaving, but because i dont care about them. maybe my syblings, i might miss them, which is odd becuz i just met them o,O

Answer #23

there are so many verifications of argument hun.. yes you are arguing, you were trying to argue a point that we were treating you like a child, the whole point of this website is to hear what other people have to say about whats going on with YOU. people are going to talk about things you put up on here if it actually means enough to them to write something. in this case your lucky.. Grow up and bite your tongue.. maybe itll leave you some time to think about things before you speak.. I was trying to help ya and you just proved to all of us that you are just a little confused girl. Im sorry if that offends you but we have all been there, Suck it up

Answer #24

Maybe because if something bad were to happen they wouldn’t be able to get to you fast enough…like if you got hurt, fire in the house…possibly things like that.

Answer #25

I wasn’t necessarily talk about your parents. I was talking about your grandparents. I also didn’t wanna see my family or have anything to do with them. Once I realized how much they cared about me it gave me a whole new outlook on life.

Answer #26


Answer #27

thats what they say, but like,, wouldnt i hear it? i mean, im nto stupid. if the fire alarm or theres yelling or something. im not gonna sit there nd be like, huh..thats a bird outside the window!

Answer #28

It could just be because they went through a bad experiance, with the things i mentioned and they dont want to take there chances.. also what if by chance you couldnt get out fast enough? they’d want to be able to get to you if you couldn’t. also it could be because they feel like your too young still to have so much privacy….I understand how you feel, we all go through this, but it’s best just to not have them worry about you..wouldn’t you prefer to ease there mind and not have to worry?

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