How ofen do you stylish your hair like scene?

do you stylish it everyday and wear teased hair every where? I tease my hair everyday and I’m like that everywhere…is it normal?

Answer #1

most scene kids are very vain, so they spend hours making themselves up to look what they describe as “‘perfect”‘ and “‘unique”‘ (though theres nothing unique about a scene girl who looks like every other scene girl) so yes, its normal for a typical ‘’scene”‘ girl to spend hours back combing/teasing (knotting) her hair to make it poofy

Answer #2

I personally don’t tease my hair. Although I’m not scene 0,0 But I do have a few scene friends and they do tease their hair, but not all the time. I’ve actually only seen one of them with teased hair and it was only once… But I do see a lot of other scene girls teasing their hair. ~Britt xx

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