How to get people to stop honking at us?

whenever me & my friends walk somewhere where there is a lot of cars, we cant seem to get there without 10-15 cars honking @ us, or saying innapproiate things. I cant go anywhere without feeling suppper violated. & mind raped. what should I do to get them to stoppp?


Answer #1

I Know the feeling it alful its like us girls cant be safe anymore just like dont go any where alone & always have your cellphone

Answer #2

If you’re a good looking girl then men and boys are going to show you that they “appreciate” you. They actually think that when they holler out a window that you should be flattered. Silly men!!! There’s really nothing you can do to stop it unless you want to walk around with a burlap bag on and a mask on your face. So, ignore them, realize that they are men with the brains of children and move on.

Answer #3

Haha, I know how you feel :S.. My friend had never been to my house before so I told her that I would stand by the main road so she knew where abouts the house was and we could walk back together. Anyway, she took about 20 mins. So I was just standing there and someone honked so loud ( I like jumped out of my skin).. by the time she had arrived I had 10 honks, 1 car pull over and say some violating things and 1 car all the guys stuck their head out the window and shout out something.. Tbh I was sh*tting myself…

Answer #4

maybe because you and your frnds are wearin somtin showy?

Answer #5

Really. They actually honk at you. I would love people to do that at me. That would be so cool. Are you really pretty?

Answer #6

yeaaahh, happens to me too.

Answer #7

“realize that they are men with the brains of children”

There’s another kind?

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