what is a good (affordable) vegetarian meal (lunch) for a romantic date?

Answer #1

Something like pasta? With a tomato sauce or something, theyre usually light on calories depending on portions obviously :)

Answer #2

You can make veggie wraps, Flavored or regular tortillas, pre-steamed/cooked or raw veggies, hummus and/or cheese to spread on tortilla and hold everything together…

Salad is always healthy, you can make it how ever you like. Lettuce, a lot of veggies, a nice healthy dressing….

How about vegetable soup?

Vegiie sandwiches? Using Avocado, Bell peppers (raw or roasted), Cucumber, Eggplant (grilled or sautéed), Fennel (roasted), Greens (dandelion, watercress…), Herbs (parsley, dill…), Hot peppers, Lettuce (Romaine, leaf…), Mushrooms (fresh or grilled), Olives, Onion, Spinach, Sprouts,Tomatoes..etc…

Answer #3

Pasta is good! :)

Answer #4

thank you :)

Answer #5

thank you :)

Answer #6

and also with salad dressin if you use olive oil it should be extra virgin olive oil, just a random tip i learnt the other day :) xx

Answer #7

D1ck-sucking salad

Answer #8

LOL! well i told my bf i was going to make him lunch..if anything tht would be for later

Answer #9

I don’t find that helpful to her question, or necessary at all…

Answer #10

thank you….it made me laugh a little but it kind of weirded me out :P and this is kind of serious question because im planning a date for me and my bf for when he gets back from vacation and i am a vegetarian and hes not so i need something for both of us and the smart remark isnt helping

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