What's some good vegetarian food?

Hey, I am not a vegetarian, not even close to being one, but I’d like to try it and see if I feel better. Anyways, what are some awesome vegetarian food that doesn’t taste like trees/plants etc. that are easy to make?? anyways, j/w, I’m trying to eat better for the baby and my self

Answer #1

Anything that is raw is good vegetarian food and also very good for the baby. will send you a funmail and tell you about some sites to visit that you will find very helpful.

Answer #2

im a vegetarian and I love Morningstar Chicken Parmesan Patties, (fake chicken of course, but it sure tastes good!) it should be in the frozen food section at your local grocery store in a green box. they’re really easy to make and ever so delicious! in fact, my dad is making me some right now lol.

Answer #3

Check Out a bookstore for some good cookbooks. Until then: TO THE GOOGLE WEBSITE!!! XD

Answer #4

I dont really know, I would think possibly pomegrate juices, and also. stirfry is amazing! :]

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