Good Vegetarian recipes?

Any fellow vegetarians care to share their recipes for vegetarian dishes?

Answer #1

Hmm now I’ve been vegetarian for years now, I love cheese and potato pie its gorgeous. xxx

Answer #2

Technically this isnt a recipe, but its a great vegitarian side dish or snack! It’s also simple and healthy. Take any number of zucchini and/or yellow squash and cut them into long pieces, usually about 4 per vegetable. Grill or sautee in Olive Oil until dark brown in places and tender. Season w/ salt and/or pepper and enjoy! This is actually delicious! Also, try eggplant parmasion with linguini noodles. It’s really easy to fry or bake sliced eggplant and w/ parmasion cheese on the noodles to make a base for the eggplant, it is amazing!

Answer #3

Love HUMMUS! with pita ♥ Rice and Lentils too :P mmm

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