How do you give someone a link, to someone's profile, or a link to a question update...?

Every time I try to give someone a link to a profile, a question, or update, it doesn’t work. I click on the link myself, and it goes to a 404 error message.

Answer #1

If it’s in FunMail, you often end up with something that looks like this: <a href=” funadvice. com /my/user &quot;&gt; funadvice. com/my/user&lt;/a&gt;…however, if before you send the link, you remove the “http: // w w w”, then they can simply copy and paste the link into the address bar. Colleen

On their profiles, you should be able to just copy and paste it as is

Answer #3

Hmm…okay I clicked on it and it worked…

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