Ask me a question on my profile?

Hey how do you make kit where on your profile it sez, ask me a question… How do I make it like that?

Answer #1

I think it is just a glitch. But I could be wrong, I remember someone asked that and was wondering why it was on their profile :)

Answer #2

It does say those on your profile - but since its your own profile, you cant see it. Everyone else can though. :)

Answer #3

You can add or remove the feature there…

Answer #4

As stephanief987 said, the link does show on your profile in the top left corner, it just isn’t there for you to see when looking at your own profile.

If you are meaning the link “Ask fixmefever a Question” that will appear in a box entitled “Questions asked to fixmefever” just above your “fixmefever’s recent Questions” box, that will automatically start showing on your profile after someone specifically asks you a question. Remember, however, that those questions and answers, unlike Fun Mail, are not private and can be viewed and responded to by everyone.

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