Do you normally give your 30 day notice and then start looking for a new apartment?

what if i don’t have much in the way of credit?

Answer #1

no no, you give your notice that you are moving out when you find a new place. also with the way of credit, try to stay in one apartment for a period of time to show you can keep up with payments and all.

Answer #2

I know this sounds a bit nieve but does that mean that i have to pay rent in both places?

Answer #3

see idk about that sorry

Answer #4

Once you decide to move look around for your new place. apply and get accepted BEFORE you put in your 30 day notice. BUT make sure that you tell your new place that you want to give your old place a 30-day notice. (This also sends a message to the new place that you will be extending this courtesy to them at a later date when you move again.) You might want to have a weeks overlap on the two places anyway just so you have a little extra time to move. And unless the new place agrees differently you will be paying for both places at the same time on a pro-rated basis. Good Luck!!

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