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New roommate smells bad

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A friend of ours (mine & my fiance's) is in a tough spot right now and needs a new place to move into. This works out perfectly because we were actually looking to rent out our spare bedroom, and my fiance lived with this guy years ago, so we know he is a good roommate. The problem is... he smells bad. Not bad enough that you would notice unless you got really close, so the main problem is his stuff - it smells bad too, and when all his stuff smells bad it eventually makes his whole room smell bad, & so on. I don't know if this is a body chemistry thing (I.e. his body chemistry being incompatible with the deodorants, soaps, etc he uses) or if he just doesn't wash his clothes and stuff often enough. I am leaning toward the latter... So I have two questions. One, as he moves in I really want him to wash everything he owns (clothes & towels wise) one good time so it all starts off clean. (We do have a washer/dryer here and the places he's lived previously haven't had them; he's had to use laundromats, so I don't know if that's a factor or not.) But how do I approach this tactfully, without making him feel bad? Also, second part - if this doesn't help & it turns out he doesn't shower enough or something, how do I approach THAT tactfully? I really don't want to hurt his feelings or upset him at all, but I don't want a room in my home to start stinking, either!