How do I get started with my new apartment?

How do I get started choosing the right theme, colors and furniture for my new apartment? I would wanna know any sites I can go to for it… please help and gimme some good tips too… thanks fellas!

Answer #1

thanks sooo much! love your primary photo teenmom18! cutie! xoxo

Answer #2

You could try feng shui, it can be quite cute, buy a book on it

Answer #3

you should try various furneture stores in your area. like, and you might just have too experiment with colors, see which ones match and work have fun =]

Answer #4

for color schemes, I use

there are ready made color schemes there and if you want to experiment by yourself, use this tool.

im not sure on the furnitures and stuff though :)

Answer #5

I am planning to have the apartment on a very cozy place, girly but not that much… just wanna make it a country style, simple yet soo liveable… I don’t wanna convert it like a museum like my previous one… lmao! thanks for the response! :)

Answer #6

thanks for the response! :) how about shabby chic? is it nice? I want my apartment like feeling super clean and sexy and cozy… ;) you know… lol but I appreviate all the answers! omg… :) thank you guys!

Answer #7

shabby chic is the perfect way to go omg it is HOT…im a fanatic I mean im always changing my apt because I like change but I always use the same theme retro sexy clean modern look oh and dont forget simple you know what they say the less the better


Answer #8

well if you are into retro ,modern yet not over he top look the colors for the walls should be neutral.for the largest room you could use a dark bluish grey (it looks mostly grey with a hint of blue) That color is gogeous and makes the room so cozy and comfortable, and if you have or can buy frniture like these : you could get white or black and if you like color you can throw 3 pillows of 3 different bright colors you like put a nice low glass table in the middle something simple and chic on top and a nice rug underneath (white) if you have black furniture (black) if you have white I mean make it a clean cozy simple modern look

Dining area if it is on the same room as the living room paint the wall behing your dining table a different color to separate one area with another you can get wild with the color on this one now dark oranges and dark reds are in style choose a table that is modern something like this

I watch HGTV home a lot and I get my ideas from them everyone compliments my house good luck!!!

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