Why do girls sleep naked at night?

Answer #1

Maybe because it feels amazing?!

Answer #2

I do it cuz its less restricting :-)

Answer #3

I’m with you “Imlonely” I also know guys who sleep naked too.

Answer #4

I find sleeping naked uncomfortable.

Answer #5

Thx for agreeing and I agree with u bout the guys

Answer #6

i feel the same way :/ but all my guy friends think sleeping nude is great

Answer #7

because they think they hot but they not!so they can get a life or something like that ok know go get a life pep

Answer #8

well i do like me lol but i do

Answer #9

I find that it feels amazing whether or not you are naked.

Answer #10

I sleep naked because it’s comfortable. :) And I get hot at night.

Answer #11

wtf haha.. wack

Answer #12

i dont. I like a long t shirt… or boxers and tank top. cant sleep naked. feel to valnerable.

Answer #13

Maybe their more comfortable ? Some guys sleep naked too.

Answer #14

Not all do. I’m quite happy in my Me To You pyjamas because I’m so grown up.

Answer #15

Because no clothes is always better (;

Answer #16

I think the same reason guys do. We have to wear clothes to work and everywhere else and when we sleep we want to feel “free” and relaxed and let the skin breathe.

Answer #17

I don’t? And guys do too…

Answer #18

guys do it as well, Its suprisingly comfortable. girls probably do it less than guys but i know they do find it more comfortable that way :)

Answer #19

Some guys sleep naked too, lol. It’s not just girls. Maybe they think it’s comfortable?

I don’t sleep naked. Too uncomfortable.

Answer #20

guys do it more then girls but i just personally luv the feeling of the sheets on my bare skin :)

Answer #21

I always sleep in the nude, er well not if I have friends over or if I’m at a friends house. It really depends on the person, and how they grew up. Plus its quite liberating!

Answer #22

I don’t. Just seems like it would feel weird… O.o

Answer #23

I agree with you

Answer #24

Because they have too much to do during the daytime.

Answer #25

I thought people only did that in books! I would freeze to death D:!!

Answer #26

I thought people only did that in books! I would freeze to death D:!!

Answer #27

Depends on the person, the weather, and the place. I don’t think anyone sleeps naked in the Himalayas during winter. Not anyone who hasn’t been killed by hypothermia, at the very least.

Answer #28

Wow do they really do :)? Never heard of it. I think they wear night gowns.

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