What to do for a 2 girl sleep over??

Btw we are straight We need something to do

Right NOW!!!


Thx xoxoxox

Answer #1

play truth or dare or similar games/board games make yummy stuff like cupcakes, pocorn, biscuits, ect watch movies/dvds…horror,comedy, drams, ect you could all make a scrapbook together or one of those books like in “mean girls” (but without the stupid rumours) use school photoes and write comments about the people, whos your friends, enemies, how you met, ect

Answer #2

PRANK!!! on your parent, or sibling or something. that’s always funny!!! Make new weird foods!!! Watch a movie just to throw popcorn kernals at!!! HA!!! Have a good time!!! That’s fun too XD

Answer #3

Make overs, take tons of goofy pictures, eat, watch movies, listen to your favorite music!

Answer #4

Well, play Piggly-Wiggly (its so much fun) Watch romantic,comedy, horror or any other movie scare each other at night (hehe)so much fun throw popcorn at each other

Answer #5

dance to music and make a vid then put it on youtube Sleep in a tent it is sooo cool plus you can roll around and get stuck

Answer #6

you can do blind folded makeovers watcha a movie go on the computer dance and sing around the house in your underwear (its really fun! I have tried it) dress up and sing and dance around the house pretend your fashion stars and give makeovers to each other That’s all I got soo biii

Answer #7

blind folded makeovers pillow fights jump on a half deflated air mattress go to you tube prank call your ex prank call a taxi service

Answer #8

well everybody says have fun!!! but of course you want to have fun!!! der der

. throw food at each other!!! . watch scary movie and scream at it . pull pranks on siblings .blind makeovers

so thats it!!! enjoy

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