What can I do to stop these dreams and get a decent nights sleep?

I keep having these dreams where my dad is really ill and i know that if i can get to him then he will be alright, but somthing keeps stopping me getting to him. Last year my dad was in hospital desperatly ill for over a month. Before he went in he would have like “attacks” that looked just like heart attacks but they would always happen when i wasn’t around, the night he went into hospital i was at a concert the other side of the city. I know it’s not my fault he was ill and there was nothing i could have done to prevent, im just looking for a way to stop the dreams or somthing, please help

Answer #1

maybe talk to him about it.

Answer #2

I already have and i don’t want to make him feel guilty becasue of it, i just want somthing to help me sleep

Answer #3
  1. Spend some time each day, early in the day (but not first thing in the morning), sitting quietly and thinking of your dad. Close your eyes and picture him (or look at your favorite photo of him) and open your heart to his presence within you. Bask in his love for you, and bathe him in the light of your love for him.

  2. For a 15 or 20 minutes before bed, think about something that you would like to dream about. It could be about reaching your dad in relaxed joy and health, or about something else entirely. Hold it in your mind; visualize it; continually repeat its name or a word or phrase of your choice about it. Do this for several nights in a row without changing the dream-desire that your contemplation is focused on.

Answer #4

seeing as dreams are tangible manifestations of your subconscious, perhaps doing something mentally intensive before sleep will change its cognitive effects. in other words, things that make u think alot, like reading, watching a movie, playing a video game, or something like that

Answer #5

Stop auto-suggestion. Be positive and act positive.

Answer #6

Dreams that recur typically happen when you are worried about a situation that isn’t solving itself in waking life. When the trigger in waking life is dealt with, the dreams usually end. Recurring dreams can also occur if you are suffering from some kind of phobia or trauma that has been repressed or not resolved. If this is the case, the unconscious is urging you to consciously recieve and acknowledge the issue and deal with it.

Recurring dreams are also a symptom of post-traumatic stress syndrome. See a psychologist to help you deal with your feelings of guilt and the trauma you experienced. Please do not think you are crazy, because this is a perfectly NORMAL reaction to what happened. If anything, you should be more worried if you didn’t feel anything.

Answer #7

Great answer. Dealing with the dream in actual life might end up the dream.

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