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What causes sleep walking and REM sleep?

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I have had sleep walking issues on and off sense i was about 6 (i'm 19 now). And i get REM sleep (rapid eye movement) a lot! I wake up almost every morning and my eyes are so dry because of that. -For those of you who don't get what REM sleep is,it's when you your eyes are open when you asleep and you don't know. My eyes don't full close while i'm sleeping. Anyway,but for the past year and half i have been getting really bad night terrors and i have been sleep walking a lot. I wake up in the weirdest places and i have woken up standing in the bathroom and in the kitchen and having no memory of how i got there. I have went to get a MRI and i got a CAT scan,the docs say nothing is wrong. I even got a EKG and it shows nothing. So can anyone tell me what night terrors,REM sleep and sleep walking are caused by?