Why do girls think it is fun to kick guys in the balls?

Answer #1

I know right? my mate GF does it whenever i make the slightest joke:(

Answer #2

I know right? my mate GF does it whenever i make the slightest joke:(

Answer #3

wow i dont think it’s fun..i will never kick a guy in the balls..i think that’s horrible..i’ve only done it once when i was a kid..lol..but no more since then..

Answer #4

It hurts. LOL I am not sure if they do it for fun or a power trip or what. It almost seems like a sport sometimes. LOL

Answer #5

I have no idea. It’s actually dangerous and could result in a guy getting serious damage and sometimes results in surgery. I find it very immature when girls do that for some kind of fun.

Answer #6

Thats nice of you to say. Why did you do it as a kid if you don’t mind me asking? How old were you when you learned it could hurt a guy?

Answer #7

I think girls are taught that once a child…if a guy any guy tries anything funny with you go for their weak spot…and we all know where a guys weak spot is…their most sensitive prized possession!

Personally I cant recall ever kicking a guy in the nuts…but the pains women cause guys there…well that is a whole other story! :P

Answer #8

The only time any girl should be allowed to kick a guy in the nards is if he’s being a huge d*ck or out of self defense. Otherwise I don’t see the point of it and wouldn’t do it for “fun”.

Answer #9

LOL. Thanks for your answer and insight. I guess the pain is not too bad if it is like a friend playing around and not doing it too hard but still hurts and will put a guy in his place and let him know you mean buisness. hehe

Answer #10

Yes but what qualifies him being a huge you know what? There are many girls that do it for no reason at all other than for a laugh or fun or to humiliate the guy in front of her friends. I have heard some will punch or kick a guy there kind of as a way of flirting. Sort of the same way a guy might be mean to a girl or tease her but he is just interested in her. I know that sounds strange to me too.

Answer #11

i done it when i was like 10..i got into a fight with a boy…and kicked him there..lol..i felt bad afterwards..and i never tried it again..not on purpose at least..i mean i have had accidents while wrestling and junk…but yeah i never intentionally kick a guy there..lol..

Answer #12

If some guy is trying to come after me, or even says the slightest thing that offends me than i dont freaking care if i hurt him or not, or if he ends up not being able to have kids. just saying…..

Answer #13

Thats understandable. I am sure they are accidents. =p LOL I like your profile picture. Very pretty. Hope you don’t mind me saying that.

Answer #14

Well I mean if he’s being a major dck and if he’s crossing the line. A little teasing is okay but some guys are just straight out asholes where they deserve it and that’s what I’m talking about

Answer #15

lol, agreed! there is pain by getting hit or play fighting then there is other kids of pains…i shall not speak of at this present time! :P(wink to all the ladies that know what i am talkin about!) :P

Answer #16

LOL. I see a soccer ball in that picture too. Have you done this often? LOL What does the guy have to say in the slightest to offend you for it to happen. Just want to know so I can save my balls. LOL (^_^) Thanks for your honesty. Have you ever done it playing soccer by accident or on purpose?

Answer #17

You can tell me what your talking about . (^_^)

Answer #18

Uhhh… I don’t find it fun, only reason I would have for doing it is if some guy I didn’t know was trying to r@pe me or something. Otherwise I don’t see a reason to, apparently it hurts a lot XD

Answer #19

Thats cool and they have it comming. Sometimes you have to put a guy in his place and shut him up right? LOL

Answer #20

i dont play soccer with boys, theyre too predictable and not good enough to play against and way too cocky. id use my knee to kick a boy in his balls, but no ive never done it before cuz most ppl dont mess with me….. and yahh

Answer #21

oh thank you so much!!!

Answer #22

I rarely do this but sometimes when I’m fighting with my brother I threaten to… but still, I can’t imagine how painful it must be x.x

Answer #23

LOL. Girl Power!

Answer #24


Answer #25

ahaha yep

Answer #26

Exactly lol. That hasn’t happened to me yet but when it does I’ll be ready and it’ll only be done for the right reasons

Answer #27

Have you ever naied your brother before? Have any of your female friends done that to your brother because he made them mad?

Answer #28

But you have never done it before?

Answer #29

I hope you never have to though. LOL Rather I hope that person is not me. LOL

Answer #30

lol, i’ld have to say it in a funmail…with the cute little kids on I rather not say it on site. :) (yeah yeah I know I am a considerate person, awe phewy!) :P

Answer #31

Nah you’re good

Answer #32

We think its fun when you do something that annoys us, or just cause we want you to expirence the pain of PMS. Theses just something about watching men cripple to the ground is funny ;) Ahah jk , their probally mad at you :)

Answer #33

ive never had to.

Answer #34

Why do guys generalize and think all girls are the same? I’ve never thought it was fun - it’s a horrible thing to do and I’ve never encouraged or condoned it.

Answer #35

they don’t think it’s fun - they know where you are most vulnerable - they want you to cry in pain - I think that the better question you can ask is: WHY ME????

Answer #36

The only time I’ve ever done it, I was about 9 or 10. This guy went after a girl I was friends with, he was a little bit older than us and was basically the neighborhood bully. I ran up to him and kneed him with everything I had in me, I didn’t want him to hit her again. He never touched her again. I have never done anything like that again and wouldn’t unless I was in danger or somebody I cared for was. I don’t take hurting anyone lightly.

Answer #37

Women don’t kick guys in their sensitive areas because they think it’s fun, it’s usually for defense purposes. Why do men think all women are alike?

Answer #38

I think girls think its fun just for the fact that we get to see you guys in pain you’know.

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