Why are most girls so curious about fashion?

Why are most girls so curious about fashion?

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not sure, im not really that bad about it. as long as i match.

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Its the same as the kind of car you drive, the house you live in, the college you go to and the career path you choose. Girls and Guys pick want to make choices for themselves and have more independence. clothing is just another part of our decision making proccess.

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because the way you look often says alot about you. you want to make sure youre coneying the right message.

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its becuz most girls are interested in being kool its all about wat stores u shop at and how much money u have…..some of them actually like the cloths but some just do it to be cool…its like thats all that they r defined by ….however id rather be comfortable and wear wat really expresses me…..some ppl just dont get that social status shouldnt be that important thats all it is

Answer #6

How would you define fashion?

I have an immense interest in both alternative/gothic/extreme fashion and catwalk/mainstream fashion. I can make up my own mind - if there is a TREND like ‘ugg’ boots that I think looks ridiculous - I shun that TREND and don’t buy any.

(I think the person above me got the terms ‘fashion’ and ‘trend’ mixed up. It’s true that major fashion houses try to dictate what everyone wears - but it’s up to everyone to make their own decision about what they like.)

Anyway - girls like fashion because most girls LOVE to dress up. Being a model and amatuer fashion photographer - I love fashion and clothes and shoes and evreything else that comes with it. Except the pricey tags. The way a girls dresses shows people what she is like.

Answer #7

It is kind of like picking a fishing lure. If it is bright and shiny you will notice it more and get more bites. Fashionable girls have a better chance of making friends and dating. Most animals are that way too but it is usually males that are the flashy ones. Especially noticeable in birds. It is also a good way to advertise a girl’s interests so you are more likely to hook up with people who think like you before the sometimes embarrassing part of saying Hi!

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