How did Gerald Ford become president without being elected president or vice president?

Can anyone explain what happened?

Answer #1

I think that he was vice president, and then president Nixon resigned. So thats how ford became president and stuff.

Answer #2

It’s a little complicated, but technically he was moved into the office of the president by being the vice president, he just wasn’t officially elected by the public. At the time Nixon was the president and Spiro Agnew was his running mate and the elected vice president. Agnew actually stepped down from office of the vice president in 1973 because of an ongoing criminal investigation and charges of tax evasion and money laundering. According to the 25th amendment the vacancies of president and vice president have to be filled, so Ford was chosen to take his place. And then of course, he took Nixon’s office for the same reason a year later.

Answer #3

Ah, I see… thanks so much. :] You explained that very well.

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