Is it common for a Vice President to shoot somebody?

I realize that he’s the former Vice President now…but, it’s still shocking to think that the 2nd highest elected official in the country could shoot a guy and not do jail time. Is it common to shoot people when you’re vice president?

If so…I think people should avoid spending quality time with Biden ;)

Answer #1

I was curious…

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Ah yes. I knew that law was passed in 1804, I’d just forgotten it happened before the Burr incident. My bad.

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Having a few drinks while hunting, is also very common…a “guy bonding thing, I guess…was the lawyer drunk, too??


Answer #4

I know that if I were VP, it would become common. Some people… :P

“Accidents”… I love this country and our conspiracies.

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The messed up thing about it is Cheney was clearly drunk when it happened(Hunting while intoxicated is illegal) When sheriffs showed up to question the VP about the incident they were told by secret service they could not speak to Cheney at that time and would have to wait. Cheney admitted to having 1 beer later on but its pretty obvious what happened. I went to school with the grandson of the man Cheney shot, he’s still got the hunting vest and hat that he was wearing when he got shot. Pretty cool historical artifacts if I do say so myself.

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And there was one other VP who shot and actually killed someone. Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804.

And, if things worked now like they did back then, John Kerry would have been Bush’s vice president, and it wouldn’t have been VP Cheney shooting someone…just some old guy!

Answer #7

Actually, that is not true. The twelth ammendment, passed in 1804, did away with pres and vp going to the two top vote getters respectively in the electoral college, In fact Jefferson had already decided to drop Burr for his re-election. That is part of what started the fued between Burr and Hamilton. Hamilton had publicly derided Burr, and of course he took exception and called him out to duel.

Answer #8

They werre probably all drunk, but as with everthing else in that administration, there was no accountability for his actions.

And there was one other VP who shot and actually killed someone. Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804.

Answer #9

VP Chenny is a true old school gangster. Who else can shoot someone, then the victim of that shooting go out and appologize to the attacker. But the lawyer said that he startled the vice president, I could understand paying a fine to the state but the lawyer did admit it was an accident.

Answer #10

No it’s not that common for a VP to shoot someone…but it’s not that uncommon to get shot while hunting…Most people don’t do time for hunting accidents…unless someone gets killed.


Answer #11

Drinking and driving is also a common thing. Most people go to jail when they hit someone while intoxicated. Why should it matter whether the lawyer was drunk? he didnt shoot anyone…

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