What is the funniest commercial on TV that you have ever seen?

Answer #1

corsa adverts, they wer banned coz a corsa chopped off a cats head with its sun roof, see it on yo9utube, i think it was a corsa.

Answer #2

blue cat commercial talkn bout smarties

Answer #3

lolz…the house of budlight;)..ahh funny stuff

Answer #4

This guy is amazing.

Answer #5

I’m on a horse.

Answer #6

the cadbury eyebrow add

Answer #7

The commercial about the new skittles that sort of give u some static feel when you eat them. And its 2 elderly couple and skittles on her table. And her husband calls a tube sock to walk all over the rug and touch his tounge to feel static lol. Look it up on youtube. Skittles commercial with tubesock man. Idk to me its funny.

Answer #8

dude u dont have my permission to post videos of me! lawll:)

Answer #9

that. was. so. lame. i bet everytime u see a limo u say “oh hey my ride is here!”

Answer #10

lmfao nah i do thatwhen i see bentleys and porches:p lol

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