Funniest movies you ever saw??

What are some of the funniest movies you ever seen??? Iwuz wondering b’cause I was going to Bring some 2 my friends house when I spend the night!! We have already seen Meet the Spartans so you can leave that 1 out!!! LOL!!

Answer #1

Wow. Scary movie? I don’t even see why they made a 2. Horrible stuff. Heres my suggestion.

Mel Brooks.

Answer #2

jim carrey movies lol , he’s funny

Answer #3

scary movie 1,2,3,4…

Answer #4


Answer #5

charlie bartlet I saw that last night and it was good

Answer #6

umm I have to say step brothers

Answer #7

anything with eddie murphy :) nutty proffessor is my faveee and jim carrey rocks too in pet detective

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