Whats the funniest thing you ever seen?

Whats the funniest thing you ever seen happen?

The funniest thing that happened to me was…

My neice was eating carrots with ranch dressing and drinking coke. AND she drank some coke and then sneezed and carrots came out of her nose! That was gross and funny.

Answer #1

I remember one time when I must have been about 13/14 so a few years ago. I have this caravan in my massive garden, the caravan is used for sleepovers - as a little den really. It was fun, me and my best friend back then were in our pyjamas watching our little TV with popcorn and everything. Our film finished so we decided to play games like truth or dare etc. Things young teenagers do.

But because we were so gulliable when we were that age, and we had just watched a horror, the sticks and raindrops kept falling on the roof of the caravan, making it sound eerie, especially as it was PITCH BLACK!!

A loud bang happened (probably a bigger stick) and I jumped violently. Thing is I was 5ft 10 and I have a long body, so where I was sitting, above me was a cupboard that opens downwards with hinges. So, when I jumped I hit my head on the base of the cupboard and the door flapped down and smacked me in the nose giving me a nose bleed. I can tell you we ran up to the house as fast as we could after that lol.

Next morning I had a bruise lol!! But we could see the caravan was perfectly ok, not set alight or any monsters in it!! So we began to laugh lol. I didn’t laugh when it happened although my friend did - she was in stitches! It is funny now though :D

Never forget that time lol!

Answer #2

the funniest thing that happened 2 me was (ok bck round info im a klutz and trip over my own feet all the time) I was walking down the staris with ashlyn and emily and kaitlin and I tripped over my 3 lbs cat I flew down the stairs and hit my head on the wall it doesnt sound funny but we coodnt stop giggling lol

Answer #3

I have to admit that I think it’s funny to see someone fall, especially when it’s me. I used to get embarrassed but then I just learned to laugh along with everyone else. I also learned how not to fall cause when you get to be my age (54), you start breaking bones.

Answer #4

funniest thing recently, me and my friend went to macdonalds when we had to take her sister to town. then she ordered chicken nuggets, around 3 bucks. and I gott a cesear chicken wrap.. 99 cents. and it all came to about 5 dollars and some cents. so we were driving away . so we got to where we needed to go so her sister went in , we were going to eat.. so she passed my a chicken wrap.. then she got her chicken nuggets.. then passed me another chicken wrap, & another one. so we got 3 extra chicken wraps for free. it dont sound funny , but we couldnt stop laughing

Answer #5

me and myboyfriend crozed through MACYS and well we went passed this bed he stoped looked at these two mancen things you put da cloths on started laughing his head off. when I finaly looked atwere he was pointing I saw this one manican dall thing that was on its knees have a hand were its head was aspose to be and there was a nother manican dall thing behind it and the hand lookd like it was its dick!!! I took a pic on my phone but it got deleted.sssooo funny

Answer #6

You probably had to be there, huh?

Answer #7

lol funny.

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