Can a frontal lobe brain tumor cause a personality disorder?

Almost 3 years ago i had a right frontal lobe brain tumor removed. And ever since ive sorta been depressed but ive recently discovered i show symptoms of a personality disorder. So i was wondering if a brain surgery or just the brain tumor could cause a personality disorder?

Answer #1

I also had brain surgery. although mine was for an aneurysm. There is no proven link between personality disorder and a brain tumor. There can be some similar symptoms, but no recorded actual proof. I would recommend making a doctors appointment just to be on the safe side. They will get an MRI scheduled and maybe even a CT scan. Best of luck to you dear.

Answer #2

i get an mri every october so i might just wait till then to ask my oncologist and stuff. but thanks

Answer #3

I get one every February :D How did they find out you had a tumor?

Answer #4

I was having seizures =/

Answer #5

Talk to your doctor and then a therapist. I know many people, several of them who are therapists, who show signs of one personality disorder or another. I wouldn’t go about self diagnosing.

Answer #6

Thanks I think I’ll let it go a lil longer then get help.

Answer #7

Usually it is the presence of a brain tumor, not its removal, that can cause psychological symptoms such as you have been experiencing (which, of course, can have other causes, too, unrelated to the tumor). The MRI is to monitor your brain for a recurrence of the tumor; it can’t help with diagnosing whether you have a personality disorder or not. For that, you would normally need to see a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, but in your case, because of the tumor and surgery, you might want to see a neuropsychologist for some testing instead.

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