How can I keep her from lying to me?

my friend is a lier!!! shes always lying abot everything!! what can I do to keep her from lying again to me?

Answer #1

A true friend won’t lie to you - they care and look after your best interests - find quality friends…Take care !!

Answer #2

I’m going through the some situation with one of my bstfreinds. She lies about things like her sister being rushed to the hospital or she lost her dog. In the end, no one beleives a word that comes out of her mouth. Just don’t beleive a word she says, and tell her you can’t trust her. If she denies it, prove to her face that she is lying, and if she makes more lies trying to cover the last one-she isn’t a true friend.

Answer #3

watch what you say about Virgo. We don’t lie and that is the TRUTH.

Answer #4

Is she a virgo cause they forever telling lies.

Answer #5

probably looking for attention, just my opinion tho

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