What do you say of fresh evidence of Aliens appearing in some place in U.S and about the flying object?

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im scaredd!!! but i wana see

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My God GGI!!! (Green Guys Invading)

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I had made this fun prank UFO video a few years back and posted on some video sites ;)

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It is not the video i am talking here.But there were some believable news in yahoo site today

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ooh what was is? D:

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…Yahoo isn’t exactly news, to be honest.

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Yeahh the homepage has interesting news stories from across the country. I just asked ‘cause I’m too lazy to look this up myself :L

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I think there is a very good chance that “aliens” have been visiting Earth. According to the history books man came out of the Stone Age and immediately started building pyramids, creating language and writing and developed complex civilizations. I suppose it is possible but I don’t find it very plausible. The Mayan society seemed to have a thorough understanding of mathematics, the solar system and time, way before the Europeans did, in fact their calendar is much more accurate then the one we use today. The Egyptians quarried, carved, moved and placed massive stones to build the Pyramids. And look at the quality workmanship of the Sphinx, some archeologists think it may be closer to 12,000 years old. And places like Tiahuanaco where the interlocking stonework is astounding with its intricately carved blocks and arches, all done with primitive tools. Beyond that, my question is what would compel a society to engage in labor intensive endeavors like this to begin with? And the Nasca Region where images are engraved in the side of a mountain, certainly these weren’t mazes for spiritual purposes. Or the mountain top that is completely flat, the entire peak of the mountain has been removed and there is no debris around the base. If the primitive people of the area did it, where did they move the debris too? And what could be their reasoning behind removing an entire mountaintop? Ive listened to or read most of the theories that mainstream science has, but I don’t buy it, there is something missing.

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