How to make a stop motion on volcaons?

Im doing a scince project and I all ready wrote my report and turned it in(and got a 96 aka a A bye the way!! :D)And I now I just have to do a stopmotion as the project. I know how to make a stopmmotion(I went to tec. camp)but I can’t come up with an idea. Oh and it’s on VOLCAONS!!! Please help me!!

Answer #1

flossdaily’s idea is a good one. I personally think it would be much cooler if you modelled the whole thing in lego - volcano, village, lava and all.

Answer #2

You should build a little lego village around a volcano-shaped mound of dirt. You can use red, yellow and pink tissue paper to simulate lava spilling out of the volcano and down into the village. You can use black and grey tissue paper for the smoke and ash.

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