Are there any other forms of contraception for males besides a condom or a vasectomy?

my brother is reaaally wreck-less and hes slept with ALOT of girls, hes only 20 and condoms aren’t very reliable…any help..

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the withdrawal method seems to work well, at least most of the time. not great for preventing some rancid venereal diseases, but hey you can’t have it all.

Answer #3

Technically yes but it is extremely uneffective so I would not do it but you can pull out before ejaculation. (Warning: Very Ineffective)

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yeah but guys don’t know when or if there going going to pre-C.u .m … im getting really worried about him, hes only 20 and has slept with around 80 girls.

Answer #5

the pull out method does NOT work, there’s not really alot guys can do besides condoms but theres alot girls can do like the pill, theres shots, theres a female condom, a patch they can wear and muuch more, i don’t know if the girls stuff is any use though.. trying talking to him about everything, it may be awkward but it would be worth it for your brother.

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No there is not. This is why men should use their brains and ALWAYS wear a condom if they dont want their name to change to daddy. You cant rely on the woman to be safe and trust her - girls miss pills, girls lie about being on birth control, and birth control fails at times. The pull out method is just pure idiotic if your don’t want a kid. While itself does not contain sperm (thats a myth) sperm can remain in the shaft of the pen!s after ejaculation and come out with a males while having sex.

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it wouldnt be akward me and my brother are very close, and thats the thing he didnt know if most of the girlshe slept with were even on anything, he uses a condom most the time but i wish there was a way for him to be safer about it.

Answer #8

condoms are actually very reliable if used correctly, 98% reliable in fact. so if he can be bothered to have sex so much, he should be botherd to be safe and to carry condoms with him. other than a vastecotmy or condoms, no. male forms of birth control are curreently being tesetd but wont be available for sale any time soon

Answer #9

Eh… No. Vasectomy, Condom, and Abstinence are pretty much the guys’ only option.

Answer #10

Unfair isn’t it? Girls have pills and shots and female condoms etc. etc. etc. And guys only have the condom or a permanent visectomy… I wish someone would invent something equavilent to the shot or pill for girls, just for guys. That would be awsum! This would ensure responsibility and safety on both sides of the genders. :-) But unfortunately there is nothing like this yet, so the condom or abstinence is your brothers only option… besides a visectomy. If he uses good quality condoms correctly and EVERY time, he should be safe from STD’s or unwanted pregnancy.

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