What is the best type of birth control besides condoms?

of womens birth control besides condoms, what is the best type? what do you prefer?

Answer #1

I’m not a girl but I would recommend the Nuva Ring. My wife (girlfriend at the time) used those and we had sex just about everyday and never even had a pregnancy scare in over 3 years of using it. Plus the Nuva ring gives the guy a little thing he can try to ring around his penis and makes quite the fun game.

I’m strongly against the depo shot. I’ve know 5 girls that have used it. 3 of them had no issues and 2 of them did. One of them can now never have kids. My wife was the other lady who had issues and it messed with her hormones. Her doctor recommended the Nuva Ring after the issues with the shot.

Another common complaint of the shot is a lack of sex drive. Excessive weight gain. Depression,paranoia and verified to cause bone loss.

The WHO (World Health Organization) stated “While it has long been known that Depo-Provera causes bone loss, it has recently been discovered that the osteoporotic effects of the injection grow worse the longer Depo-Provera is administered; may remain long after the injections are stopped and may be irreversible.

Answer #2

I also heard that the nuva ring falls out and is a pain in the butt, I’m suppose to get the shot in 2 weeks, how long was your wife on the shot???

Answer #3

the shot? yeah I’m getting that in 2 weeks I wsa just wondering what other girls have aswell, do you gain a lot or just a few because this one girl told me she gained 70-100 lbs and I was like “holy crap!”

Answer #4

depo..I was on it and I had unprotected sex like a month after and I didnt get pregnant..it will maybe make yu gain a few pounds but its the most accurate one I’ve had

Answer #5

I DO NOT recommend the depo.

It has too many side effects.

It causes weight gain in about 70% of cases. It is known to be a cause of loss of bone density It can stop you having a period at all. Women struggle to fall pregnant after having the depo Decrease in sex drive There are a lot more side effects.

I prefer the birth control pill. I have been on it for about 6 months now and I have not had any side effects. Also if you are having side effects from the pill you can actually stop using it immediately, whereas the depo you will have to wait out.

Also with birth control pill you can use a low strength (of the combination pill) and still have the same protection as a high dosage. You can therefore try different pills until you find one to suit your needs.

Answer #6

what pill do you prefer

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