What do i do if i forgot to sign up for the draft?

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i am turning 19 and i was told by my family that i diddnt have o sign up for the draft cause they changed the law, but now i was looking online and i found out that i have to or ill get into trouble wat should i do

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Tell them...

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how exactly do i do that im not sure wat to do if i should just fill it out online and let it be a year late or go to an army office and talk to them

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Tell your family that you got the wrong information and I'm sure they will be fine with that. You can fill it in I guess, but it might be a bit more better to talk to someone just to make sure it will be alright.

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do i need to go talk to someone in the army or do i just fill it out online and let it be

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o i c

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Sign up online, better late than never


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what do u think they will do if they do anything a slap on the wrist or do u realy think there gonna send me to jail for 5 years because of that

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Just sign up saying that you didn't know, schools and the government are extremely lousy at communicating that we need to sign up for that. I forget why exactly, but its really important that it be done this year because of the Census.

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